Keisha Amanda Charnley

Keisha Amanda Charnley is from the Katzie First Nation and Blackburn, England. She is currently finishing an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science degree with a focus on Indigenous health, at the University of British Columbia. Keisha is passionate about making space for dignified access to decolonial wellness strategies through frontline work and community-grounded research.

To her work, she brings a multi-faceted skill set honed over the last 9 years working as a facilitator, youth worker and program coordinator with Aboriginal non-profits and education programs in Vancouver, BC. As a consultant, she carries experience delivering quality work through Indigenous methodologies in the areas of program evaluation, curriculum development, strategic planning, and strengths-based research. Some of the clients that Keisha has worked with include Aboriginal, non-profit, and public sector organizations, offering services in the areas of housing, youth and child care, education, addictions treatment, anti-violence work, and health care.

Through every role she holds in the community, Keisha seeks the guidance and inclusion of Elders and holds their leadership at the centre of the positive change she hopes to contribute to.

Keisha is also a doula/birth worker, a role she holds very close to her heart. She is a Founding Member of the ekw’í7tl (ah-quay-tull) Indigenous Doula Collective, where she is a leader in community engagement, capacity building, communications, and policy development alongside an amazing team of Indigenous midwives and doulas. Beyond this work, Keisha’s personal interests include: surfing, working with plants and traditional medicines, food foraging, painting, and cooking. She strives to find a healthy balance between all of her passions in order to share her gifts with the community in a good way. ​